150 shooting stars per hour: Don’t miss the biggest meteor shower in the UAE

UAE: How to look at the largest and last meteor shower of 2022. It will be the biggest and last meteor shower of the year, and residents will have a chance to see it, the Dubai Astronomical Group said.

What is the Geminids Meteor Rain?
The Geminids Meteor Rain is the debris entering planet’s atmosphere at a speed of 70 km per second, causing the lines of light that we call meteorites. The spectacular meteor shower is known to produce more than 150 meteorites per hour at its peak, although light pollution and other factors, in fact, the actual number of visible is very low.

The Geminidis meteorites are out of the way to the bright star gastle. However, the real source of shooting stars is the stream of garbage left by the 3200 Python asteroid, which is one of the only major rainfalls that do not appear from a comet.

When will it happen ?
Residents can catch the scene on Wednesday, December 14, Wednesday and December 15th. However, this year, 70 percent of the fluorescent moon may be interrupted, which will illuminate the dimmer meteorites.

How do you see this event?
According to Hasan al-Hariri, CEO of Dubai Astronomy Team, people do not need special equipment or skills to see the meteor shower. What is needed is a secluded view from the clear sky and city lights.

Residents who plan to go out in the desert to watch the meteor show must carry warm clothes because it is very cold in the open air. The Dubai Astronomical Team is also hosting a special event in Al Qudra, Dubai on December 14.

The event will take place from 8 pm to 12 pm, and it will monitor the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn with telescopes; Astrophotography session; Celestial mapping; Naked-eye observation of meteorites, and so on. Tickets for the event start at DH70. For more details, go to the official website of the Al Thuraya Astronomy Center.

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