Public Transport Day: RTA Launches Grand Prize Scheme

Dubai: Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is preparing a grand prize scheme on the occasion of Public Transport Day.  From October 25, RTA is giving public transport users a chance to win 10 lakh Nol Plus points and other prizes.

The 13th Public Transport Day is officially celebrated on November 1. This year’s theme is Healthy Public Transport Day. 

The aim of RTA is to encourage the public to choose public transport for physical and mental health and to enjoy leisure time without the hassle of driving.  The Public Transport Day events are also planned in conjunction with the Dubai Fitness Challenge to be held on the 29th of this month.

To learn more about the program, register on the Nol Plus Loyalty Program website. This year’s highlight is the Treasure Hunt, which finds hidden treasures in public transport stations across Dubai.  The treasure hunt will start on November 1.

From October 25th to November 1st, the Nol Plus points for those using public transport will be tripled.  These points will then be reused to enable public transport.

RTA found 115 winners.  will respect  The first winner will get 10 lakh Nol Plus Points.  In addition, there will be many prizes for those who participate in other events and become winners.  RTA has provided the best service to the most frequent users of public transport.  Employees will also be respected.

RTA said that apart from 10 lakh Nol plus points, the runner-up will get 5,00,000 points and the third place will get 2,50,000 points.

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