UAE Offers High Charge for Tickets; Air Ticket Prices are Increasing… Best Time to Go Home

Dubai: It is now off season to the Gulf.  It’s time for a big drop in regular air ticket prices.  As we all know when the season comes in December the rates go up sharply.  It happens every year.  But those in the field of travel agencies say that such high ticket prices are rare in the months of October and November.

Flight tickets from Kerala to UAE are priced at 13000-15000.  It will start from 7000 in return.  When the reason for this was investigated, it was known that some concessions were announced by the UAE government.  Although it is an advantage for the UAE, it is a slight setback for the expatriates.  It is reported that ticket prices will increase in the coming months.  Here are the details…

For those going from Kerala to UAE, the ticket price is above 13000 in the coming days.  October, which is considered off-season, is also very busy.  Those returning home from the UAE are a little relieved.  But some days show higher ticket prices in this sector as well.

The UAE has recently announced a major relaxation of visa laws.  Long-term visas are granted to investors, artists, excellent students and professionals.  Also the cost of hotel accommodation has come down.  All this attracts more people to UAE.  Moreover, there are many people who go to UAE in search of work.

Many families are coming to UAE due to relaxation of covid restrictions.  Also, those who had already reached home and were prevented from traveling are now returning.  There are many people who go to UAE in search of business opportunities.  Those who have returned from other countries are coming to the UAE in search of job opportunities.

World Cup football will start in Qatar in November.  Therefore, the ticket price to Qatar will increase sharply.  Direct travel via Qatar may not be possible at this time.  More people are likely to come through the UAE.  This in turn will lead to an increase in ticket prices to the UAE.  Travel agency employees say that most of the people going to Qatar will arrive through the UAE.

With Christmas vacation and New Year celebration coming in December, ticket prices are sure to go up.  Fares to the Gulf and back to the country will increase.  Ticket prices will also increase in November as the Football World Cup starts.  One of the reasons for the increase in charges is that more flights are not operating as per the increase in passenger traffic.

Health insurance is mandatory for new visas in the UAE.  It is suggested that the visa applicants should be covered by the insurance package of the approved companies.  Family members of Golden Visa holders are required to submit insurance details to obtain a visa.

Dubai Expo City has reopened to attract visitors.  Terra and Alif Pavilions are now open.  The Vision Pavilion and the Women’s Pavilion will also provide a new experience for the visitors, which will tell the views of the Ruler of Dubai.  Officials are hoping for more visitors when the Expo City reopens after the break.

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