Spectacular Orionids Meteor Rain this Week is Mostly seen in the UAE Sky

The Orionids Meteor Rain is expected to be more visible in the UAE this week. Approximately 10 to 20 meteorites will be shot across the sky in late Friday and early Saturday morning.

Most of the meteor shower this year in the UAE was difficult to see due to the illumination of the moon or inappropriate weather. This recent celestial event will be even more bright as the moon’s reflected light will be 17 percent when it rises at 2.24 am on Saturday.

It will also be in its declining crescent stage, which means it will shrink. It is recommended to observe rain from light pollution. The visibility depends on the cloud cover.

Predictions have so far suggested that conditions are in favor of seeing meteor rain. Orionid meteorites are residual from the 1p / Halley comet and travel at speeds of 66 kilometers per second.

“Orionids, which are at its peak in mid-October every year, are considered one of the most beautiful rains of the year,” NASA said. These meteorites are fast – they travel at a speed of about 148,000mph [238,000kph] in the Earth’s atmosphere.

In the meantime, a part of the solar eclipse in the United Arab Emirates is visible at 35.4 percent of the moon. Astronauts occur when the earth is partially or completely revamped.

The Moon blocks the light from the sun and shows a shadow on the earth, the European Space Agency says that no one knows the eclipse within this shade.

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