How is Sultan Al-Neyadi Training for the First Long-Term Space Mission in the Arab World

The United Arab Emirates astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi will fly into space in the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in about six months. After years of training, a former IT technician was assigned a mission to the International Space Station with four team members at the SpaceX / NASA Crew-6 Mission.

He will spend six months in the orbital lab, during which he will perform the tests and perform the first space mission by an Arab astronaut. The work will begin for more than three years after eight days in Hazza Al Mansouri spent on ISS.

Astronaut Dr. Al Neyadi and Hazza Al Mansouri, who trained in Russia for a year for early ISS missions.

Degree from NASA’s Basic Training Program

Both Dr. Al Neyadi and Hazza Al Mansouri can participate in the NASA-led work, as this year they completed a two-year basic astronaut training program.

“The Johnson Space Centre has been training with the astronaut Corps NASA for the United Arab Emirates under a separate bilateral agreement since 2019,” NASA told The National this year. “To date their training is equivalent to NASA astronauts-level training, including spacewalk training, internal systems and T-38 training.”

Starting work-specific training

Once he got his place on the Crew-6 flight, Dr. Al Neyadi began mission-specific training at the Johnson Space Center in Texas, the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and the SpaceX headquarters in California.

“The United Arab Emirates team will continue with training on the Crew Dragon spacecraft and start training in international partnerships,” NASA said.. Work on ISS, including tests and daily maintenance work.

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